We highly recommend that all Support Workers complete this free training. 


NDIS Worker Orientation: Quality, Safety and You

This free training is available on the NDIS website.

You can learn more about this free training here

The training explains the obligations of a service provider under the NDIS Code of Conduct, promoting safe and ethical services. 

Once done, you can tick this is complete, on your Kynd Support Worker Profile.


Infection Control Training

You can complete a free training course provided by DSC "Supporting People to Stay Infection Free" here

This online training course will give you an overview of some important infection control practices, and how the NDIS Code of Conduct interacts with infection prevention. 


Understanding your Obligations as an Independent Support Worker Provider 

As an independent support worker, it is important you understand your role and obligations when supporting participants, you are the person who is most likely to witness incidents or have information disclosed to you by a participant. 

You can learn more about the NDIS Code of Conduct for Workers and Reportable Incidents here.

You can use Kynd's Incident Report form to log and manage any incidents that may occur.