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Top Tips for a Great Profile

1) Top section: Make a great first impression!

- Profile Pic: Use a friendly, smiley, personal and high-resolution image. 
- Short Bio:  Grab attention with an appealing and welcoming 2-line bio.

2) Missing Info: Ensure you've edited each section, so your profile looks complete! 

3) Training: Make sure you've completed and ticked the free e-courses.

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

NDIS Worker Orientation Certificate

Once done, go to My Profile to click the box to show you've done those! 

4) About Me: Add 3 or 4 paragraphs, be clear, personal and appealing. 


5) Support Services: Let people know what 'main' support you can offer. Feel free to list other types of services you can help with in... 'About Me'.

6) Who I'll Support: Tick what's right for you. This saves everybody time.

7) My Languages: Help people find you! List all the languages you speak.



8) My Experience: Tick what applies based on work or lived experience.

9) Specialist Skills: Tick what applies based on work or lived experience.