There are 3 ways that Members & Participants can find / request your support.

  1. Searching and Filtering
  2. Kynd Hands-On Matching
  3. Bring Your Own Support

Most importantly...

It's all about your profile! Ensure your profile is updated, accurate and enticing.

Everyone uses your Profile Page to decide if they'd like to request your services.

See related articles for hints & tips for a successful profile page. 


Searching and Filtering

When a member searches, their location is automatically used.

They have the option to filter their search based on things like skills, or type of support.

They can also search based on interests & skills.

If you have an interest in surfing, art or guinea pigs add it to your profile. It all helps to find the best match for you!


Kynd Hands-On Matching

Some Members may reach out to our team for assistance connecting with the right support worker for them! 

We get to know what people are seeking and use your profile to match people.

So instead of just getting messages from Members, we might be in touch also!


BYO - Bring Your Own

If you have clients that you'd like to bring to Kynd, checkout the BYO option.

If you bring them onboard, for any bookings you have together, you'll receive a reduced 7% service fee.

All the normal Kynd inclusions PLUS the added bonus of keeping 93% of your agreed rates! 


Support Jobs

Members will use Kynd to post Public and Invite-only jobs discussing the type of support they are looking for. 

You can browse these Job Posts in your area and send application notes when you find a Job Post matching your experience, skills and qualifications.