Good news! By using Kynd, you will get a guaranteed payout every 2 weeks.

Every time you complete a support booking... 'Submit' your booking quickly.

Members must then 'approve' the booking. This helps ensure it's all accurate.

How Payouts Work

- We'll send your payout every 2 weeks (on Thursdays) for approved bookings.
- It will include all bookings approved before midnight the Monday before payments. 
- Once payment is sent, we email you a bookings/payment summary each time. 
- Based on your bank, this might arrive into your account the next business day. 

If it's a public holiday (ie. banks are closed), we'll pay you the next business day. 

Message Members

If a Member hasn't approved a booking, send a message asking them to approve.

- To ensure all bookings are included in your payout, ask them to approve it asap. 
- If you never have changes to bookings, ask about 'Automatic Approval' options.

Your Bank Account

It's very important to ensure your BSB and Account number are correct.

If needing to check or update your payment info:

  • Click your profile picture
  • Choose Settings from the list
  • Go to Payment Info on the left menu
  • Click 'Edit Payment Info'
  • Update your details and save!