We believe that it's only fair that you decide what rates you'll offer!

Pick a Profile Rate

In choosing your Profile Rate, have a think about:

  • The current 'NDIS Price Guide' maximum week day rate
  • Discussing different rates with Members (Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun, Nights)
  • Any travel, distances, other costs or transport involved
  • What you / Members are happy with to ensure success

To keep things simple, Support Pros on Kynd use 'All Inclusive' rates.

Also, think about:  

  • Your qualifications, skill and past experience
  • What hourly rates other Support Workers offer
  • Typical prices in your area (higher or cheaper)
  • Any special / rare skills you offer for Members


If a Member has Plan Managed NDIS funding, maximum hourly rates exist.


Your Profile Rate

When signing up, you're able to list a 'Profile Rate' for your services.

  • If a Member requests a booking, it will automatically use this rate. 
  • If needing to agree a change here, message the Member with info.
  • They can then send you a change request with the updated rate.

This is the rate NDIS Participants will be invoiced.

You can change this anytime by visiting 'My Profile' on the platform.


Your Payout Rate

You'll receive your Profile Rate, minus the platform fees with Kynd.

Remember, Kynd doesn't charge any extra percentage to Members.

That means you can agree a higher Profile Rate with Kynd Members.

If seeking a higher Payout Rate, you can increase your Profile Rate.

Check out the related article below for info about what's included.

Changing Rates

  • You can agree with Members to use a different rate to your Profile Rate.
  • Ask the Member to send you a booking change request with updates.
  • You can the accept the changes and the new rate will be applied also.

You can also update the rate when 'submitting' a completed booking.

- - - - - - -

Every Member and support scenario is unique. Your rates can be also!