It's free to signup and become a Support Pro.

You then choose your hourly rates with Members. See related articles below.

You then receive your Payout Rate. That's your Profile Rate less Kynd's share.

So, What's Included?

The Kynd Platform

✔ No signup, exit or surprise fees
✔ 'Verified by Kynd' profile rating
✔ Able to choose your own clients
✔ Able to choose your own rosters
✔ Able to choose your own prices
✔ Public or Hidden profile options
✔ Secure in-app messages/chats

Help to Find Work

✔ Only pre-verified NDIS clients
✔ Get found through search filters
✔ Tailored online profile & NDIS CV
✔ Ask for Profile improvement help
✔ Kynd hands-on 'client matching'
✔ BYO new/existing clients option
✔ 24-hr turnaround for BYO setup

Booking Services

✔ New booking / task notifications
✔ Includes NDIS Service Agreement
✔ NDIS price guide booking alerts
✔ Add repeating/ongoing bookings
✔ Edit shift times and submit for pay
✔ 2-click shift cancellation process
✔ Your clients and shifts in 1 place

Payments & More

✔ All invoicing / payment services
✔ Guaranteed fortnightly payment
✔ No client debt collection worries
✔ Fortnightly pay remittance emails
✔ Annual bookings summary report
✔ Tailored insurance cover included
✔ Kynd's phone and email support


What is Kynd's fee?

For this, Kynd has a 15% share of your bookings. You keep 85% of your earnings.

For our BYO Program (Bring Your Own), it's only 9%... so you keep 91% of your pay.

Ultimately, your investment helps promote you and helps to build this community.

We suggest factoring in Kynd's share when you are choosing your Profile Rate.


How This Compares?

We've designed Kynd to ensure you'll receive maximum value for your work time.

Kynd can help you stop losing so much of your wage. It puts more in your pocket!