Note! When a Support Worker or Member choose to cancel a service booked on Kynd, they must also Cancel the Booking on the platform.

As an Independent Support Worker provider on Kynd, you can negotiate and agree on Short Notice Cancellation Terms with Members who choose to engage your services. 

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements provides information about the minimum conditions that must be met before you can claim under Short Notice Cancellation. 

Once you and a Member agree to your Short Notice Cancellation Terms, document this in your written Service Agreement with the Member.

In the absence of any written Service Agreement being set up directly between you and a Member, refer to the Kynd Terms of Use for guidance. All Support Workers and Members using Kynd agree to these terms when joining.

As an Independent Support Worker provider, you can Submit a booking on Kynd if it falls within the agreed Short Notice Cancellation period. However, Kynd is unable to force a Member to Approve Bookings for payment.