You can setup a support booking from:

  • Bookings
  • Messages


Choose who the booking is for based on Participants you work with.

The location can be changed by tapping Change Location



Add some information about what services are required at the booking and if high intensity support will be provided.



Choose the start & end time.

If you want to setup a Repeating Booking (for ongoing support)...

  • change the repeat option to either Every Week or Every 2 Weeks.
  • choose whether you need an 'End Date' for this repeating roster.

If your Support Booking fits the criteria for Sleepover Supports you will see this option on the next page and can choose when the Sleepover Supports start and end.



Check the Hourly Rates shown.

If you agreed different hourly rates for this booking, update them here. 

Tap next to keep going and review your booking.



If your booking is for Support In-Community you can make Transport Claims per Kilometer. This can be turned on and off here.



If everything looks good, click Request Booking.

The Member will be asked to review & accept your booking!