Some types of services and activities are not covered under the policy. 

As a Support Worker using Kynd, the available insurance does not cover:

  • A client staying overnight at a Support Worker's home. 
  • Motor vehicles or trailers for which compulsory insurance is required by law. 
  • The use of medical or support procedures that you are not qualified to do. 
  • The use of products, operations, and activities that are classified as 'high risk,'
    (This may include things like sky diving, riding a motorbike, or kayaking)
  • Prescribing of medicines registered to be prescribed by medical practitioners.
  • A claim directly or indirectly from or in connection with an infectious disease.
  • Criminal activities, fraud, malicious or intentional damage of any kind. 

Cover is subject to the policy’s terms and conditions. Exclusions apply.


Excluded High-Risk Activities

Insurance does not cover any water-based activities including but not limited to kayaking or swimming. This exclusion does not apply if the swimming is at a public swimming pool with a trained lifeguard in attendance or at a patrolled beach with the swimming between the flags. 

Any horse or motorcycle activities are also excluded from this insurance cover. 

No Cover Under the Influence

You will not be covered if you are under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. This does not include pharmaceuticals prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.


Providing Driving Services

Your available insurance cover through Kynd does not cover any driving services.

If offering transportation / driving services, we recommend you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, in addition to your Compulsory Third Party vehicle insurance. 

As a Support Worker using Kynd, you do agree that your vehicle will be fully registered and covered by full Comprehensive and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurances and be deemed roadworthy under law and that your drivers licence will always remain valid.

If you have a person in your vehicle and they suffer injury, Compulsory Third Party insurance might assist. Contact your CTP insurers for more details about coverage.


Driving a Members Vehicle

If driving a Member’s vehicle, you will not be covered under Kynd’s insurance.

We highly recommend that you ask the Member to provide you with the written authorisation that you have been added as an authorised party and driver on the Member's specific vehicle insurance policy, from their own automotive insurer. 

In the event that you may have accident, while driving the Member's vehicle, they and you might then need to consult the vehicle's insurer for insurance processes.


Administering Medication

If you are not trained and certified in medication assistance within a Certificate 3 or 4 (or similar course), we recommend you complete training in "medication assistance".

You will be covered for basic assistance with administering medicines, as long as you don't prescribe them yourself and as long as you keep to the dosage prescribed.

If you want any extra clarification, we recommend asking for specific permission in writing from the Member and their Medical Practitioner, to confirm this permission.


For more info, check the Insurance and Terms of Use pages, or get in touch.